Chevre Cheese Balls

The Chevre cheese is rolled into balls.

These are a wonderful way to snack on cheese straight from the fridge. Cheese is high in protein & fat & lower in carbs. This makes it really useful in a Keto diet. If you are vegetarian, then dairy products are a great way to increase your protein.

The Cheese Balls come in three flavours

  • Chevre Cheese – Salted

Vegetarian Chevre cheese with Pink Himalayan salt

  • Chevre Cheese – Cranberry & Honey

Vegetarian Chevre cheese with Pink Himalayan salt, dried cranberries & local honey

  • Chevre Cheese – Garlic & Herb

Vegetarian Chevre cheese with Pink Himalayan salt, fresh garlic & dried herbs

Pink Himalayan Salt is the only preservative in the cheese. There are no added stabilisers, artificial preservatives, colourants etc. The cheese may vary depending on what the free-ranging goats have found to eat. This all adds to the health profile of this special cheese.

The balls are sold in 100g & 300g tubs

There are 10 balls in the 100g tub & 30 balls in the 300g tib.

105g of cheese is weighed. This is weighed into 5 x 21g balls. Each 21g ball is broken in half as accurately as possible to give 10 balls averaging 10g each.

Three sets of these are place in the 300g tub.