Chevre Cheese

Chevre is known as a Fresh Cheese.

It is made using culture & microbial rennet but is not aged.

Microbial Rennet means that the cheese is Vegetarian.

There are 3 Flavours

  • Chevre Cheese – Salted

  • Chevre Cheese – Cranberry & Honey

  • Chevre Cheese – Garlic & Herb

The Deo Volente Cheese lasts for a month or longer in the fridge & can be frozen, which is a real boon as it extends its life to at least 6 months. You can stock up your freezer & always have lovely goats cheese available – even without a goat in your garden!

The Chevre is sold in 125g clamshells & in 500g tubs.

Pink Himalayan Salt is the only preservative in the cheese. There are no added stabilisers, artificial preservatives, colourants etc. The cheese may vary depending on what the free-ranging goats have found to eat. This all adds to the health profile of this special cheese.